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What are the retrofit kit options to replace a CM2000?

Customer wants to replace a CM2000 with another Powerlogic meter

Product Line
CM2000 Series Meter, CM4000 Series Meter, PM8000 Series Meter, PM5000 Series Meter, ION7650 Meter

Hardware installation, Adapter Plate

Require a retrofit solution or bracket for CM2000 Replacement.

Below are the options available as of August 2016.

Retrofit Assembly Options (Meter and Fully Pre-Wired for Direct Replacement):
- CM2TOPM8K = CM2000 to METSEPM8244RD Remote Display Meter Retrofit Assembly. Includes meter and Assembly fully pre-wired for direct CM2 Replacement.
- CM2TOPM5K = CM2000 to METSEPM5563RD Remote Display Meter Retrofit Assembly
- CM2TOION7650 = CM2000 to ION7650 (S7650A0C0B6A0A0A) Integrated Display Meter Retrofit Assembly 

Bracket Only Options:
- APPMCM2 = PM Integrated Display Mounting Adapter for CM2000 Replacement
- CM4MA = CM4000 Mounting Bracket or CM2000 Replacement

Note: CM2TOPM800 Retrofit Kit no longer available - if integrated display, alternative is to use APPMCM2 bracket as PM8K 96x96mm dimensions are the same as the PM800 series.
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