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Can the Powerlogic Energy Meter be set to pulse out energy to an external device?

There is a need to communicate energy values from the meter to an external or monitoring program.

Product Line
Basic: EMB1010, EMB1021, EMB1032, EMB2010, EMB2021, EMB2032, EMB2043, EMB2083, EMB3010, EMB3021, EMB3032, EMB3043, EMB3083, EMB3084, and EMB3164

Extended Range: EME1010, EME1021, EME1032, EME2010, EME2021, EME2032, EME2043, EME2083, EME3010, EME3021, EME3032, EME3043, EME3083, EME3084, and EME3164

Existing installation that utilize the Powerlogic Energy Meters.
Need to communicate the energy from the meter to outside source.
Using the Extended Range version of the meter (EMEXXXX), a pulse output can be set.
Pulse output: N.O., Opto-FET, 100 mA at 24 Vac/dc
Pulse rate: 0.10, 0.25, 0.50. or 1.00 kWh per pulse
  • The Basic version of the meter (EMBXXXX) cannot set a pulse output.
  • See attached document for the instruction bulletin and technical brochure
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