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Maximum Module Operating Speed

The speed at which a Max module can capture it's input.

Product Line
ION meter.

Maximum framework in an ION meter template.

Max module not detecting the current surge with duration of a few hundred milliseconds.


The Maximum module records the maximum value reached by a single numeric variable.  It operates in two modes:
  1. In slow mode it checks and updates once per second.
  2. In fast mode, as with all high speed modules, it operates in the high speed task which is 8 ms in a  60hz systems.  That means it will check and update every 8 ms.

In general the speed at which the input updates, determines the speed the Max module will be operating.  If the input of Max module is connected to output of Power Meter HS (high speed), it will be operating in fast mode.

In the 'Max' framework in an ION meter template, the inputs are connected to output of an Arithmetic module which is a slow module.  As such the Max modules in this framework, update once every second.
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