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How to add an Enercept meter to a Com'X 200?

Can't see readings from my Enercept meter on the Com'X 200 web page

Product Line
Enercept, Com'X 200

Com'X 200 Webserver Configuration

On the Com'X 200 web server there is no Enercept meter as a built in device template

Use a custom template provided below.

The steps to import the template:
  1. Download (but DO NOT Unzip) the appropriate Enercept template attached here
  2. Open the webserver
  3. Navigate to Custom Library
  4. Click Import 
  5. Select the appropriate template in the zipped format
The steps to add a device with a custom template:
  1. Open the webserver
  2. Navigate to Device Settings
  3. Click on the COM'X200 on the left.
  4. On the right pane navigate to Modbus serial
  5. In the No Device Connected dropdown select Create a New Device
  6. In the Select a Device Type dropdown go to Custom subcategory and find the template added earlier.

Note: The energy value is split into a most significant word, and least significant word.  To get the total energy you should add the first two energy values together. 

Note: Only the Enhanced Enercept meter will be able to read all measurements. The Basic Enercept meter can only read  energy and demand.

Note: The Enercept register specifications can be found here.

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