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Will TSXSAY100 communicate with a TeSys LF3MP06EU ?

Issue: Compatibility

Product Line: TSX Platform,

Environment: ASi

Cause: version difference


In our Catalog, we have two Asi Masters:

TSXSAY100    ASi V1
TSXSAY1000  ASi V2.

The TesysLF range use ASi V2 component. They use extended addressing. (i.e., use two banks of addresses).

Hence  a master ASi V2 is mandatory and hence the TSXSAY100 must be replaced by TSXSAY1000.

Detailed information:

If we manage a slave ASi V2 with a master ASi V1 there are some restrictions as listed below:
Only a maximum of 31 slaves is supported.
V2 slaves have the option to address 1-62 instead of 1-31 (or to be more
exactly 1a-31a and 1b-31b), while a V1 device will use both addresses
(a+b) as they "don't know about the 'b' side."

In case of a periphery fault :
The slaves are not inhibited ( in our offer )
the master can ’t manage the periphery fault information from the slave

=> The PLC can ’t differentiate an open contact and an input supply short-circuit.
=> The operator is not warned of output short-
Typically a master V1 cannot handle extended addressing.
From a V2 slave device point of view, typically the profile(s) are not supported by the V1 master.

Hence the recommendation to use a TSXSAY1000 which is a ASi v2 master, with a TeSys LF3MP06EU

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