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Which upgrade paths are supported to Power Monitoring Expert 8.x?

An user would like to upgrade to Power Monitoring Expert 8.x.
The SQL version and Operating System meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the PME8.x Installation Guide.   

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

Power Monitoring Expert Software In-Place and Side-by-Side Upgrades

PME 8.0/8.1
The following versions of SPM/PME are supported by the PME 8.0 and PME 8.1 installer for an in-place upgrade:
  • PME 7.2.3
  • PME 7.2.2
  • SPM 7.0.1
If a user wishes to migrate from another version of PME or SPM, they would be required to download the latest Service Pack and upgrade to one of the versions listed above before running the PME 8.0/8.1 installer. 

PME 8.2
For PME 8.2, please see attached spreadsheet for which upgrade paths are supported in-place, and which require a side-by-side upgrade. 
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