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Cannot delete type 2 user from the Unity Security Editor

Goals and Symptoms
Cannot delete 'Type 2' user from the Unity Security Editor

Facts and Change
Unity (all versions)

Causes and Fixes
Exporting the list of users for the Concept security editor creates a text file that shows the user as a 'Type 2'.  If you import the file into the Unity Security Editor, the 'Type 2' user will be added as a predefined user.  If you try to delete the user from the Unity Security Editor, it returns the error message  'user_xxxxx is a predefined user.  Predefine d users cannot be deleted or modified.  Delete cancelled.'.  If you try to uninstall the editor by deleting Unity and reinstalling it, the user will still be shown in the list for the Security Editor.

The pre-defined users for Security Ediotr does not get deleted when Unity is uninstalled using the Control Panel.  The only way to delete the user is to uninstall Unity by using the 'UPCleaner.exe' tool for Unity and deleting any Unity installed folder.  Each version of Unity has it's own version of the UPCleaner tool.  To obtain the correct version of the UPCleaner tool, contact your local Schneider Electric help desk.
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