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How to obtain the MAC address of a Magelis HMI?

Magelis HMI MAC address
Magelis HMI MAC address
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Magelis HMI
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 For a Magelis HMI, the Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique 12-digit hexadecimal value associated with a network card. MAC Address is also known as a hardware address or a physical address.
At run time, you can view the MAC address of a target machine that supports Ethernet using either scripts or the Runtime Configuration Menu.

To view the MAC address using the Runtime Configuration Menu:
Open the Runtime Configuration Menu. For more information, see Section 26.2, Displaying the Runtime Configuration Menu.
In the Offline tab, click the Network button to open the Network menu.
Touch the MAC/DNS tab at the top of the Network menu.
The MAC Address is displayed in the Network MAC/DNS tab.
You can also enable or disable the DNS from this screen.

To view the MAC address using scripts:
Use the MAC_Address_1 and MAC_Address_2 parameters with the system method Sys.getInfoString(int param) in the editor. See Section, System Method: Sys,getInfoString.

NOTE: Be aware that some targets have two MAC Addresses, because they contain two network cards and each Ethernet card will have a unique MAC address
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