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What does letter 'M' or 'K' represent on front display of ION7300 series meters?

When reading a value from the front display of an ION 7300 series meter, and 'M' or 'K' is shown in the number. For example, KWh rec value is reading 1M225 as shown below. 

Product Line
ION7300 series meter

The meter display is configure to show more than one parameter and does not have enough space to show all the digits. As a result, the meter rounds up the “1255922.75” to “1M225” or “255940” to “255K9” on display; where M stands for Million and K stands for Killo.  

Meter Front Display

In order to see the all digits, the display can be configured to show only the desired parameter as shown below.

Follow steps below in order to configure meter's display to show only one parameter on screen:
  • Connect to the meter using ION Setup. 
  • Switch to the Advanced Mode and navigate to the Display Modules folder. 
  • Right click on the Display Module to be configured and remove undesired parameters from the Input tab. 
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