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What is the replacement for a 410-2 Single axis Servo positioner?

Issue: Replacement

Product Line: 410, Single axis servo positioner

Environment: None

Cause: Obsolescence

Resolution: There is no direct plug-in replacement for the 410 family of single axis servo positioners. Migration to Lexium 32 series drives is the general recommendation. Regardless of whether the 410 drive is used in a standalone application (or) is a remote drop on a PLC, a Lexium 32M drive may be used as replacement. 410-2 being a 10 A drive (continuous current), a LXM32MD30N4  would be an ideal replacement. If the existing motor is deemed compatible, then a resolver option card may be used to commutate the existing motor. If the 410 drive is used as a remote drop on a PLC exchanging data, an Ethernet option module may be used for communication with the PLC over Modbus/TCP.

Application specific information would be required for a more accurate listing of replacement parts.

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