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How to sense the communication break between the BMXNOR0200 ( Client/Server ) with any SCADA on IEC or DNP3 Protocol.

The easy method is to use %SW20 Incremental counter ( Unity Pro Software, system word ) mapped to any %MW which is inturn map to data points ( IEC or DNP3 protocol ) Infact there is no direct bit or word for getting the diagnostic communication break or make. This incremental counter ( %SW20 ) is incrementing always even if the CPU is in stopped mode. So the point is to read this running counter value in SCADA. Whenever the cable is disconnected the reading in the SCADA will hold the last value and will not be incremented. This fixed value in SCADA will be the alarm to say the communication is broken between the SCADA and the BMXNOR0200. Here the programmer in SCADA has to compare the current value with the last 2 seconds value. If the value is same means its fixed and there is communication break. If the value is not fixed and is incrementing means that the communication is healthy.
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