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Why does the FDM128 (LV434128) V6.1.1 not display values the serial number for some devices?

The FDM128 (LV434128) with firmware version 6.1.1 has fields to show the serial numbers of connected equipment.  However, the values are blank or N/A.

Product Line/ Environment

The serial number and firmware version information should be read from the equipment if the equipment has a Modbus register to store the value.  In V6.1.1, the strings were added for some equipment that do not support the field.  For example, FDM121 does not provide the Serial Number.  In addition, the FDM121 and BSCM do not provide the Firmware version over communication. As a result, the fields will be blank or N/A.

Some fields may not be able to display the serial number and/or firmware version information if it is not communicated between the FDM128 and the other device.
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