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Can logic from one VAMP be copied to another VAMP?

Is it possible to copy only logic from one VAMP to another VAMP that is the same version? (Not all the settings like when writing complete Vampset file to the relay)

Product Line    
VAMP 5x, VAMP 2xx, VAMP 3xx


Programming multiple VAMP relays that have the same version without having to change all the settings in the relay.

Yes one can copy logic from one VAMP that has the same version to another VAMP.  This is done by creating scripts.
Below is a example on how to create a script and run the script on the VAMP:
 1. Select the setting that needs to be copied and press the button shown in the picture below called "Select Group".   A dot will appear next to the setting selected once it is completed as seen in the picture below

2. Select the next one that needs to copied.  Only one selection can be made at a time.  Once selection is made click the Select Group button again.

3. Once all the settings have a dot that need to be copied go to the File->Generate SerCom-file from selected groups

4. Save it to any location on the pc.

5.  Connect to the VAMP that needs the copied settings and go to Communication -> Run script-file

6.  The copied settings will now be on the new VAMP.

Note: This cannot be done in this folder view enabled like in the screen shots. Default or normal view will need to be on for this to work.
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