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What is the difference between the config\translators and config\templates folders?

In the Power Monitoring Expert config folder, there are two folders called "translators" and "templates". Driver files created in the Modbus Device Importer (MDI) may appear in one or both of the folders but it is not clear what each folder is used for. 

Product Line:
ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x, 8.x

Windows Explorer
Modbus Device Importer 

Power Monitoring Expert uses the config\translators folder for its custom device drivers. Only files in this folder will be used by the software. The config\templates folder is essentially a staging area for driver development until they are ready to be applied to the system. When drivers are created using the Modbus Device Importer, the program will default to the config\templates folder to save the .ion and .xml files (although the files can be saved in any location). When "Add Device Type" or "Update Device Type" is selected in the Modbus Device Importer, the driver files are then copied into the config\translators and are ready for use. There will now be two sets of the same driver files, one in the config\templates folder and the other in the config\translators. 

At this point, it is possible to modify either set of files. If the files in the config\templates folder is opened in the Modbus Device Importer and modified, those changes will automatically be copied to the files in the config\translators folder upon selecting "Update Device Type". 
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