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Cannot connect to ADVC or PTCC Controller through the USB Port

When connecting to the ADVC or PTCC Controller using WSOS through the USB it will not connect.  

Click OK button and the following error pops up:

Product Line  
WSOS, ADVC Controller, PTCC Controller


The USB Driver is not installed.  To verify that the USB driver is not install go to device manager.
To get to device manager right click on Computer (My Computer) and select 'Manage'.
Now select Device Manager and if the USB is not installed the ADVC will show up under other devices

The WSOS version 5 and above includes the USB driver.
To install the USB driver go to the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WSOS\USB (1C54) and double click on ADVC Controller USB (1C54).exe.
This will install the USB driver for the controllers. During the install windows warning may pop up that the driver is not recognized.  This is normal just click yes to install any ways.
Once the install is completed (which it will one take about 5 seconds) go back to device manager. Now the ADVC controller will appear as below.

The USB driver is now installed and now can connect to the controller through the USB.

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