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Upgrading process from APM Version 6.3 (on ION Enterprise 6.0.x) to ENM 8.3 (on PME 8.0)

Upgrading process from APM Version 6.3 (on ION Enterprise 6.0)  to ENM 8.3 ( on PME 8.0)

Product Line 
ION Enterprise 6.0.x with APM Version 6.3
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2 with ENM 8.2
Power Monitoring Expet 8.0 with ENM 8.3

There is not a direct path to upgrade APM 6.3 to ENM 8.3 

Upgrading the APM v6.3 (on ION Enterprise 6.0) to ENM 8.3 on PME 8.0 system. 

*Warning: These procedures should only be performed by users familiar with ENM, PME and SQL Server Management Studio. Take backups of databases prior to performing these procedure. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (e.g. external hard drive).

There is no procedure that provides direct upgrade from APM version 6.3 to ENM 8.3. As a result, there are two possible outcome from this situation. 

Outcome 1: 
Customer/Application Engineer can review their configuration on APM version 6.3 . If the configuration is easy, re-create the configuration on the new ENM 8.3. The ideal way would be to upgrade the ION Enterprise 6.0 to PME 8.0, and then install fresh ENM 8.3 and re-configure the ENM 8.3 to match configuration in previous versions of ENM \ APM.
Outcome 2:
Customer/Application engineer can review their configuration on APM version 6.3 and if they want to keep the configuration, they will have to go through upgrading process listed below: 
  1. Begin on ION Enterprise 6.0.x system: Upgrade the APM version 6.3 to ENM 7.0
  2. Then upgrade ION Enterprise 6.0.x to PME 7.2.2.
  3. Upgrade ENM 7.0 to ENM 7.1
  4. Upgrade ENM 7.1 to ENM 8.0
  5. Upgrade ENM 8.0 to ENM 8.2
  6. Upgrade PME 7.2.2 to PME 8.0.
  7. Last, upgrade ENM 8.2 to ENM 8.3 (ENM 8.3 requires license activation ID, do not upgrade software before having the license key)
NOTE: Before upgrading APM/ENM version, user will have to uninstall the previous version and then install new version. In addition, different ENM version looks for associated PME version. Therefore, it's very important that upgrade is run together as mentioned in 7 steps above or ENM installer will not upgrade successfully. View table below which shows APM / ENM Compatibility Matrix with ION Enterprise \ PME Software:

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