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Power Monitoring Expert Active Alarm count shows 0

Alarm count on the web application page does not update even when a known alarm has been generated

Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x (PME)
Power Monitoring Expert 8.0

Web Application

Running the following query against the ION_Data Database takes longer than 30 Seconds:
exec sp_executesql N'SELECT CAST( ISNULL(MAX([ID]),0) AS INT) AS updateId, getutcdate() AS updateTime FROM [dbo].[EventLog2];select top 1000 * FROM dbo.vAlarmLog  where ((Type = 1 AND EndId IS NULL) OR (AckTimeUTC IS NULL)) and (Priority >= @PriorityLow) and (Priority <= @PriorityHigh) order by ID desc',N'@PriorityLow int,@PriorityHigh int',@PriorityLow=64,@PriorityHigh=255


Reduce the number of events in the Eventlog2 table. This can be done with an archive and trim of the Events.

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.* 

1) Open the atabase Manager in Management Console

2) Login with a supervisor level user in PME

3) Under databases, right click ION_data and select either trim or Archive. If using Archive make sure that "Remove archived data from live database" is checked

4) Under data types, make sure only Events are selected

5) Run the archive or trim to remove data from the EventLog2 table

Note: In later versions of PME, the Active Alarm count is based on a different table in ION_Data called Alarm log
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