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How is IP address of a M340 assigned when selecting "From a Server" ?

M340 Ethernet IP Address - From a Server IP address
Explain what options are used to assign IP address when selecting "From a Server"
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 Selecting the From a server field allows the module's IP address to be configured from a remote device acting as a DHCP/BOOTP server.

When the From a server button is active:
Leaving the Device Name field empty facilitates communications that are compatible with any setting on the rotary switches.
To use a device name in the Device Name field, set the lower rotary switch to its STORED position. If you set the switch any other position, the result depends on the setting of the lower rotary switch, as described in the Ethernet Port Status table.
The configured IP parameters have no effect and are grayed out.

NOTE: The M340 Ethernet modules will not receive an IP address from a BOOTP/DHCP server on application download if the IP configuration has not changed.
NOTE: The maximum length for the device name is 16 characters. Valid characters include alphanumerics (0 to 9, A to Z) and underscores.
The device name generated by the rotary switch setting follows this format:

    BMX P34 2020 CPU: BMX_2020_xxy
    BMX P34 2030 CPU: BMX_2030_xxy
    BMX P34 20302 CPU: BMX_20302_xxy
    BMX NOE 0100 module: BMX_0100_xxy
    BMX NOE 0110 module: BMX_0110_xxy

(Note that xx is the value of the upper rotary switch and y is the value of the lower rotary switch.)

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