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Power Monitoring Expert - System Log is flooded with 'Serial thread exited unexpectedly' events

In Management Console, the ION System Log is flooded with the following error:

'Serial thread exited unexpectedly' 

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Management Console
System Log

If a device has pending polling requests in the Low Frequency Polling Queue (for instance from PC-based logging configured for the device), and the device is disabled or the ION Services restarted, those requests become terminated and the resulting error occurs. 

These errors are should not be written to the System Log and can be ignored. Disconnecting (not disabling) the site / device in Management Console will stop subsquent errors from being generated for the site in question, and the site may then be reconnected if desired.

This behavior has been modified in Power Monitoring Expert 8.0 such that the errors are no longer written to the System Log. They will instead be logged to the Console Messages section in Diagnostics Viewer.
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