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BMXAMI0410 LED's - RUN, IO, ERR, and DL may blink simultaneously following a firmware upgrade

Facts and Changes
Upgrading the firmware in a BMXAMI0410 module from version 1.00 to any higher version may cause the RUN, IO, ERR, and DL LED's to blink simultaneously after the upgrade has completed.

Causes and Fixes
The issue is caused by a bug in version 1.0 only. When upgrading to any newer version from version 1.0, the blinking LED pattern may occur.  Although Unity Loader will display a message the upgrade was successful, a power cycle of the module or rack it is mounted in will resolve the LED's blinking. 

If the BMXAMI0410 firmware is already at a version 1.1 or higher and another upgrade is required, the blinking LED pattern will not occur after the upgrade is completed. 

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