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When adding devices to the IFE device, some meters are offered in the menu, but I am not able to connect. How do I add the metering devices in the IFE Webpages?

The PM and iEM series have several product lines and features.  For example, the PM5000 label was used to refer to PM meters in the series. However, the PMs have been removed from the market.  As a result, they are not currently supported by the new product, IFE.

Product Line
Low Voltage Communication Interface     > IFE Ethernet Interface for Low Voltage breakers and gateway  (LV434010,  LV434011)

IFE communicating with PM and iEM meters

Some meteres can be selected using the UI to filter PM meters that are available in the IFE firmware configuration library.  
Some meters do not have the configuration embedded, as a result, they are not currently supported.

Firmware Revision V1.8.0 Supported Meters (Hardware launch firmware)
Series: PM800 
Series: PM1200 
Series: PM9C 
Series: PM5000 
                 |-PM5350 BW
Series: PM3250 
Series: iEM 

Firmware Revision V1.9.8 Supported Meters (June 2015 Release)
Series: PM5000 
                 |-PM5350 IB/PB
Series: iEM 
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