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Procedure on How to Use OPC Test Client

An OPC Client does not read values from the OPC Server provided by Power Monitoring Expert (PME).  As such it is necessary to verify OPC Server is functioning properly.  For this purpose, OPC Test Client, a utility provided by PME can be used.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)


Testing OPC Server capability of PME to verify its functionality.

1. Run OpcTestClient.exe from ...\system\bin\ in PME installation folder.

2. Click on 'Connect' button on the right side.

Note that the OPC Server address (opcda://localhost/ION.OpcDaServer) is already selected in the 'Server' drop down list.  If not, it should be selected from the drop down list:

Upon connection, ION.OpcDaServer will appear in the left pane:


3. Right click on ION.OpcDaServer and select 'Create Subscription...':


4. Provide a name for the subscription and click Next:


The devices will populate on the left side:


5. Select a measurement from a device.  Double click on the tag to transfer it to the right pane:


6. Click Next:


7. Click Done to see the value:

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