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How to find the IP address of ION7550 RTU with no display in a range of IP address

User wants to determine the IP address of ION 7550 RTU with no display

ION 7550 RTU with no display



Use nmap to scan an IP address range and return the mac address found. ION7550 RTU meters will have a MAC address that starts with 00:60:78

1) download nmap from
2) In command propmt navigate to the folder where is located (eg. cd "c:\Downloaded\nmap")
3) run the command nmap -p 23,80,502,7700 [Ip address range] (eg.  nmap -p 23,80,502,7700
4) Examin the results and determine IP address of device(s) with Mac Address 00:60:78. Below is an example of the results
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.00s latency).
23/tcp   open  telnet
80/tcp   open  http
502/tcp  open  mbap
7700/tcp open  unknown
MAC Address: 00:60:78:64:32:14 (Power Measurement)
5) Connect to the web page with the specific IP address found in Step 4 to verify the serial number or owner/tag information
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