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Does the PQ features available on the PM8000 replace the PQ functionality of the ION7650?

 Does the PM8000 provide the same Power Quality features as the ION7650?
Product Line:
 The PM8000 does not offer the same features as the ION7650. The PM8000 is a Class S, the ION7650 is a class A.
 Here are some features that are present on the ION7650 but not the PM8000:
  • Flicker
  • Transient detection not supported
  • Waveform capture sampling rate of 1024 samples/cycle (PM8000 provides 256 samples/cycle currently)
  • Interharmonics, mains signaling and under/overdeviation
Please see the attached meter data sheet for a more detailed comparison of the ION7650 and PM8000 series meters.
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