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Why is PME reporting negative energy usage in Dashboards and Reports?

Gadgets and reports with data sourced from a VIP energy measurement from two separate devices are reporting unexpected negative energy usage at times. 

Product Line

Energy values are summed together in the VIP and recorded. Gadgets in Dashboard, Reports

When adding the measured energy from two separate devices, each device has the possibility to reset/rollover the energy value at different times. This atypical rollover can cause the summed total to have occasional dips rather than rolling over to zero because the rollovers for individual meters takes place at different times.. Depending on the difference in energy before and after the dip will determine if dashboards and reports detect a rollover or a negative energy spike.

In the VIP you can sum the powers, and then integrate them together to create a new energy value. This energy value will only have one rollover, and will be usable with the various gadgets and reporting. 
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