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How to view 2-phase,3-phase circuits monitored by BCPM in PME?

When BCPM meters are opened in Vista of PME, all the branches appear as single circuits. Is there any way we can group BCPM's branch circuits (not the Auxiliary inputs) via software, so that 2-phase or 3-phase circuits can be monitored and viewed in Vista?

Product Line
BCPM 42/84 channel devices

ION Setup, PME 7.2.2, PME 8.0

BCPM is not necessarily limited to monitoring single phase circuits, we can mix 2-phase and 3-phase circuits with single phase ones. Previously, Vista as well as Web Application showed 42/84 single phase circuits, disregarding the physical grouping.

To begin with, we need to have the firmware version v1.023 or above loaded in the meter and the version of ION Setup that supports BCPM Flex Circuit. For PME 7.2.2, we need to install driver that supports BCPM Flex Cct features; Note: BCPM Flex Cct is a natively supported device in PME 8.0.

Applications and files needed for resolution:
1. BCPM Flex Circuit SE Driver for PME 7.2.2 attached below or can be downloaded from:
2. ION Setup which can be found in FA212816.
3. The BCPM firmware version v1.023 can be found in this KB's attachment. The BCPM Flex Circuit SE Driver for PME 7.2.2 is written based upon BCPM's firmware version v1.023. The firmware can also be downloaded from:

In North America, the most common type of configuration is 'Odd/Even' for BCPM (it is also the default configuration when the device is opened in ION Setup); if the configuration type is 'Sequential' we need to make the modification first in the ION Setup.  In short, the steps to view 2-phase, 3-phase circuits monitored by BCPM in Vista, are as follows:

ION Setup steps
1. Ensure the device has the correct configuration type in ION Setup
As mentioned before, the default configuration type is 'Odd/Even'; if the configuration type is 'Sequential', please ensure that it has been selected in ION Setup.

Step 2: Configure the Flex Circuit Assignments
Double Click on the Flex Circuit Assignments then click on the Edit button
Group the individual branch circuits under the "Flex Circuit Assignments"

Click Ok then send when done

Step 3: Assign the channels to the proper voltage phase under the "Voltage Phase Assignment"
Double click "Voltage Phase Assignment", select the channel of interest then click the edit button

Click Send once finished configuring the Channels

Step 4: Allow the software time to detect the changes made to the devices, depending on the system this can take a little time. The groupings will start showing up as ties next to the channels.
Warning: If you decide to generate a new network diagram, please make sure you rename the existing one something like network_original.dgm (..\config\diagrams\ud); otherwise the new network diagram will overwrite the existing one and if the existing one contained custom work, all will be lost with the creation of the new network diagram.

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