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Unity appears to have a memory leak when printing.

Goals and Symptoms
Unity appears to have a memory leak when printing.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
If you open the Windows Task Manager and observe the memory useage for the task named 'UnityXL.exe' it will show the
value drastically increasing when a print is performed.  This may appear to the user as a memory leak.

The issue is not a product defect.

Before Unity can perform the print, it must first build the print documentation.  In order to accomplish this, it must consumes
some memory resources.  During the printing, the 'Print Documentation' build window appears to show the progress.  This
window will disappear part way through the build and the Task Manager will show memory useage for Unity to be still increasing. 
This could mislead the user into thinking that Unity has a memory leak.  If the user clicks on the Unity window, the 'Print
Documentation' will reappear and it will show that the print/build is still taking place.

The second time print from the same open Unity session, the memory does not change very much because the Print
Documentation build is already done.  The Print Documentation build file is temporary.   If you close Unity the Print
Documentation build does not get saved.  If Unity and the application is reopened, Unity must build the Print Documentation
file before it can do a print.
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