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When new profile is created in Unity pro Security Editor (example : MySuperProfile), the users associated to this new profile does not have right to add or update DTM in configuration.

To enable right to add or update DTMs in configuration :

Find on computer the file ..\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro\Private\FDTDTMMgr.dll.config

Edit the file with Notepad

After the line

<DtmUserRole unityProfileValue="DefaultValueForCustom" unityProfileName="Custom profile" dtmUserRoleValue="4" dtmUserRoleName="SystemOperator"/>

Add a new line :

<DtmUserRole unityProfileValue="MySuperProfile" unityProfileName="MySuperProfile" dtmUserRoleValue="1" dtmUserRoleName="Administrator"/>

Save the file.

Now the new user with the new profile can add or update the DTM in Unity Pro.

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