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How to setup the PM8M2222 analog output card

End user would like to setup an analog output point on a PM8M2222 IO card.

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End user needs to setup an analog output signal as 4-20 mA or 0-5Vdc


*Warning:  Installation and maintenance of this device should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. Failure to follow the instructions / warnings in the Meter Installation Guide can result in permanent damage to the meter, severe injury or death.

Please be aware of the following supply voltage considerations:

Procedure for Analog Output Setup
1. From the I/O SETUP screen, press --> until A OUT is visible.
2. Press A OUT.
3. Press <-- or --> to scroll to the output you want to edit.
4. Press EDIT.
5. Press to select the signal to measure: 4-20 mAMP (current mode in mA) or 0-5 VOLT (voltage mode).
6. Press OK.
7. Enter the REG (register number), then press OK. NOTE: This is the register selected for the analog output signal to follow for continuous output. See register list when selecting a register.
8. Enter the LOWER (lowest reported value), then press OK. NOTE: When current = 4 mA in current mode or voltage = 0 V in voltage mode, the LOWER value is reported.
9. Enter the UPPER (highest reported value), then press OK. NOTE: When current = 20 mA in current mode or voltage = 5 V in voltage mode, the UPPER value is reported.
10.Press up arrow until you return to see the save option.

Extra notes for REG selections:
  • Keep in mind the register selected could be a scaled register. For example, Real Power Total (register 1143) is scaled for kW.
  • Registers such as True Power Factor Total (register 1163) might need to be set for negative values on LOWER limit (-1000 due to scaling being 0.001).
  • Signed and unsigned 16 bit integers can be used for the analog output
Example of Analog Output setup:
   A device might monitor an analog signal from a PM800 series meter to represent the 3-Phase Current average.
   To mimic output of average current with a 4-20 mA as the range, we first need to find the register for current average (reg 1105).
   Then determine the min and max values.
   The CT ratio will let us know the max expected value (for example the CT ratio might be 1000:5).
   Then the setup would look as the following on the display:

4 - 20 MAMP
  1105 REG.
       0 LOWER
  1000 UPPER

At this point 4.00 mA would be displayed on the IO display when the current average was 0 A.
And would read 20 mA when the current average reach 1000 A.

When viewing the Analog I/Os, the number displays a value for the lower and upper limits proportional to the output
Also, there is a lit bar graph that represents the percentage of the user-defined full scale reading.

For additional information on the PM8M2222 reference 63230-502-200A3
For a register list reference PM800 Register List v12.2xx
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