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SQL Date Queries

How to create SQL queries that return specific calculated dates respective to today's date and to avoid hard coding these dates within the query itself.

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*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.* 

The following sample queries (ex. 1-5) depict the use of various SQL functions to calculate and return specific dates respective to today's date. 
These SQL queries can then be used as sub-queries within another SQL query's WHERE clause to retrieve specific period of data based on the dynamically calculated date range. (ex. 6)  The below queries illustrate just a small sample of the possible use cases. These can be used in many other situations and tailored to meet your specific requirement.

1) Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),DATEADD(dd,-(DAY(GETDATE())),GETDATE()),101) AS Date_Value, 'Last Day of Previous Month' AS Date_Type

2) Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),DATEADD(dd,-(DAY(GETDATE())-1),GETDATE()),101) As Date_Value, 'First Day of Current Month' AS Date_Type

3) Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),GETDATE(),101) As Date_Value, 'Today' As Date_Type

4) Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),DATEADD(dd,-(DAY(DATEADD(mm,1,GETDATE()))),DATEADD(mm,1,GETDATE())),101) As Date_Value, 'Last Day of Current Month' As Date_Type

5) Select CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),DATEADD(dd,-(DAY(DATEADD(mm,1,GETDATE()))-1),DATEADD(mm,1,GETDATE())),101) As Date_Value, 'First Day of Next Month'As Date_Type

6) Select * from EEM_DataLog
    TimestampUTC >=  (SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),GETDATE(),101))
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