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ION_Network database doesn’t upgrade throwing an “Insufficient Disk Space” error

During a side-by-side database upgrade, ION_Network upgrade will fail immediately with an error stating "insufficient disk space. All drives will have sufficient space.

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Power Monitoring Expert Software Side-by-Side Upgrade


There are three causes for this to happen:
1. There is indeed insufficient disk space on the drives where the ION_Network database and tempdb is located
2.  The "Utilities.SQLServer.dll" file is not located in the Power Monitoring Expert/system/bin folder as outlined in the side-by-side upgrade procedure outlined in FA210482.
3.  There is an 'extra' SchedulerTick table associated with a schema called ION that was failing the upgrade right at the beginning.

To resolve the causes perform the following resolutions respectively.
1. Increase the amount of available space on the drives where the ION_Network and tempdb databases are located.
2. Transfer the "Utilities.SQLServer.dll" file attached in FA210482 to the Power Monitoring Expert/system/bin folder.
3. Run this SQL command on the ION_Network database in SQL Server Management Studio:
DROP TABLE [ION_Network].[dbo].[SchedulerTick]

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