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Using ION Setup to collect ION logged data for SPM or ION EEM

In instances where a communication channel, either between a SPM server or ION EEM server, and the remote device is not available ION Setup can be used on a laptop by field personnel to retrieve the logged data from the device.  This data could then be imported into the desired application database using an ETL.

ION Setup 2.2, 3.0

Struxureware Power Monitoring

Remote communications (directly connected or via modem) to a device is not available to retrieve its onboard logged data. 

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).*

Using a customized ION Setup Assistant, users can collect the logged data from a device.  This file can then be transferred to the application server (SPM/PME or ION EEM) which is configured to import the XML data files into the SQL database via a custom ETL service.
Contact the Schneider Services group for exact details on configuration of the ETL service.

The following is the procedure on how to incorporate a data collection module into an existing Setup Assistant:

1. While viewing a device in ION Setup, exit the setup assistant or any data display and go to the Network Viewer. Right click on the device you wish add views and bring up the Device Properties. Click on the Display tab and make note of the Template Type and the highlighted Template Options.
2. Using Windows Explorer, go to the ION Setup folder when it was installed (usually C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Setup) and then into the TABLES sub-folder. You will now see a large list of folders, one of which should match the Template Type that was listed for your device and then inside that folder you'll see other folders (which will match the list of Template Options) and then go into the highlighted Template option folder.
3. Using Notepad, go open the QUICKION.CFG located in the folder and near the top of the file you will see text along the lines of: 
Screen1=Setup Assistant
[Setup Assistant]
AssistantText=Welcome to the Setup Assistant! The following dialogs guide you through device setup. Select from the left which setup you wish to perform or press the Next button to cycle through all of the different setups.
Assistant2=Basic Setup

4. Increase the number to the right of the AssistantCount line (ex. Above you would change AssistantCount=27) and go to the last line of that section where you would insert a new entry similar to the following:
Assistant27=Data Collection

5. At the bottom of the file, insert the following lines at the end of the file (the following entries work for ION75xx/76xx and may require some slight modifications for other ION devices): 
[Data Collection]
Tab1=Data Collection
Tab1Text=Allows you to collect recorder information to transfer to an ION Enterprise system.
Tab1Log2=All Data Recorders,1,0x84

6. Save the file and bring up the Setup Assistant again and it should now have a new listed option for Data Collection which you'll be able to download Events, Data Recorders and/or Waveforms into a single XML file.
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