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How convert a 984 HSBY application to Unity

Goals and Symptoms
How convert a 984 HSBY application to Unity

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
  • Open the ProWORX 32 application.


  • Select the appropriate settings in the 'L984 Options' window.
  • Click on OK


  • The application imported without any errors.   Attempts to rebuild the application will fail with two errors:

This error is expected because the application contains a CHS loadable function block.

The reason for the error is because Unity is not able to delete the CHS loadable block.  The CHS block is not needed in a Unity
Hot Standby application.  The Hot Standby function is managed from Hot Standby window in the PLC configuration.

To resolve the issue:

  • Double click on the error message (This will open the DFB)

User-added image

  • Delete the structured text in the DFB block.

User-added image

  • Rebuild the application.
  • Save the changes.




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