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Users currently running PME 7.2.2 (recently upgraded from PME 7.0.1) and their alarms are not showing up in Web Application.

Customer has recently upgraded from PME 7.0.1 to PME 7.2.2 and their alarms are not sowing up in Web Application.

Customer gets a "Debugging resource string are unavailable" error when they try to view Alarms from Web Application as shown below:

In addition, when customer views the "Log Viewer" the following error is seen: 

Product Line
SPM 7.0.1
PME 7.2.2

Alarms shows up in Global Event Viewer but it's not coming in Web Application.

The framework.xml file on the Applications\Applicationframework folder had the wrong configuration for the alarms web application. The content was similar to the last version of PME and was not properly updated during the in-place update process.

Solution 1
The error was identified on the Library line under the Alarms application tag:

Navigate to following path: ….\Power Monitoring Expert\Application\ApplicationFramework and find Framework.xml file
-Open Framework.xml file with notepad
- Find (PME version up to 7.2.1 )
- Replace "Library className="FirstLibrary" /> " with (PME 7.2.2 version)
Then, do IISReset from command Prompt.

Solution 2
If the first resolution doesn't work then follow alternate knowledge base article: FA210128
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