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What is the meaning of the term 'Non-referenced connection' found in Unity Help 8.1 ?

What is a Non-referenced connection?
Define the meaning of a Non-referenced connection
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140NOE771x1, BMXNOE0100
Unity Pro
The term 'Non-referenced connection'  is a connection that is in a half-closed state. This occurs when the client (Unity application) made an attempt to close a connection but the server did not (for whatever reason) complete the connection closure. This connection would not normally be available for 2 hour and 10 minutes. However, if a new resource is required this would be the first resource that would be made available to the application.
The module would close the oldest inactive client connection to provide a resource for the new connection that is required by the application. The amount of time that passes before a connection is declared "inactive" is dynamic. Each connection has a timer associated with that connection. Each time the connection is utilized the timer is reset. When a new resource is required and no connections are available it will look at the timer value for each connection, and determine the connection with the highest timer value (oldest utilized connection). That current connection will then be closed and made available as the new resource.
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