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ION7330 digital I/O module pulse count

 The digital input is triggering the digital output with counters on each to keep track of pulses, the pulses start to show a discrepancy.
Product Line:
ION 7330
ION 7330 I/O pulsing module
The Digital Output module on the 7330 meter is a one-second module, meaning that it only updates once per second. As such, it would be expected to lose pulses on the output if they are around 1 Hz or more. The Digital Input module is also a one-second module; however, the transition detection and trigger output occurs much faster so it is able to properly count pulses with an attached counter module.
This is the design of the ION 7330 digital I/O module. Consider using the pulse count from the input or route the original pulse to the second device that needs the pulse.
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