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Courier Block Transfer Error occurred. (TRANSFER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED)

When trying to load a PSL to the MiCOM, which the setting file loads just fine, get the error "Courier Block Transfer Error occurred. (TRANSFER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED)."

Product Line:  
MiCOM relays, MiCOM S1 Studio

MiCOM S1 Studio

This issue occurs when the DDB numbers in the PSL don't match or the PSL file is corrupted.


The step to take is to make sure the file is not corrupted.  To test it create a default PSL file and try to load it onto the MiCOM.
If the MiCOM does not block the transfer then the file is just corrupted and needs to be recreated.

If the MiCOM blocks the transfer again then the problem is that the PSL's DDB numbers do not match with the version of S1 Studio currently being used.
Check the version of S1 Studio being used.  If the version of S1 Studio currently being used is version 5.0 or above then an S1 Studio version 4 or below must be used.  
This all depends on the software version on the MiCOM relay.

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