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Does Schneider Electric offer a replacement for the Berger Lahr WPM-311 controller?

The entire product line of WPM-311 type controllers from Berger Lahr are obsolete and no longer available
Schneider Electric does not offer a drop in replacement.

The Berger Lahr WPM311 uses a special programming environment which was unique to Berger Lahr ( Depending on the firmware, Bpro3 programming system or ProOed3 Programming system )

The WPM311 is a 4 axis motion controller that utilizes pulse/direction type outputs which were most commonly used to interface with stepping motor drives.

So to replace the WPM311 you will have to not only find a controller that is capable of controlling multiple axis, but you will also have to write a motion program that duplicates the current application process.

You may try contacting the OEM machine builder, they may have spare WPM311 controllers or they may have already developed a retrofit solution.  

Service is still available at the Schneider Electric Repair Center in Greensboro NC

rev 2-20-18
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