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What is the latest firmware of EGX300 and What is new in it?

What is the latest firmware of EGX300 and What is new in it?
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Upgrading the EGX300 to latest firmware
User would like to know what’s new in latest firmware of EGX300 and what all the devices it supports.
EGX300 Version 4.450 firmware provides:
  • Added missing Energy Topics to Micrologic and NSX device Real Time readings
  • Renamed Compact NSX and PowerPact to ... IFE/IFM 
  • (Example: "Compact NSX-A" Now shows "Compact NSX-A IFE/IFM")
  • Renamed Acti-9 Ethernet Logging channel from "Channel 9 Input 1" to "Channel 8 Input 2"
  • Removed Acti-9 Ethernet from the Multiple Device Log Page and Summary pages
  • Changed Power Factor Scale Factor from 1000 to 100, and Power and Power Demand Scale Factor from 0 to 10 on IFE/IFM connected devices

Where do I get the update?
The firmware and disk update files have been uploaded to Shopping Kiosk, and
It can also be downloaded from file below

NOTE: Review FA212757 which describes how to upgrade the firmware via command prompt.
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