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What causes a "Security is not available on all modules" warning when building a project in Unity Pro?

    This error message is displayed when building a Unity Pro project that contains a Quantum NOE.

   This warning is drawing your attention to the NOE that you have configured in the PLC to make you aware that this feature can only work
(disable these services) if you have NOE firmware version 6.0 or later


    Go to the Communications section of the Browser and open the Ethernet network.
Open the <Security> table and enable both options.
             Firmware Upgrade & FDR (FTP/TFTP)
             Web Access (HTTP)
 For Security, disable thse services when they are not being used.  Enabling these services lowers your level of protection from cyberattacks.
These services can be disabled only on firmware versions V6.0 or higher.
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