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How to start the TCSEGPA23F14F Profibus module connected to an M580.

Goals and Symptoms
How to start the TCSEGPA23F14F Profibus module.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
If you connect to the 'TCSEGPA23F14F Profibus' module after configuring and storing the data to it using Unity,  the DTM will show
that the module is stopped and no options can be found for starting module.

The only way that the 'TCSEGPA23F14F' Profibus module can be started is by using of tthe 'PRM_MGT_M' block.
The block is added to Unity during the installation of the DFB library that is provided on the installation CD for the module..

Use the following steps to add the block to the application:
  • Open the Types Library Browser.
  • Click on the Profibus library.

  • Locate the 'PRM_MGT_M' block and add it to the application logic.

  • Configure the parameters as described in the user manual with the exception of the MSTR_STS variable.

The user manual states the following  comment for the 'Master_Sts' input parameter

          This input must be connected to the pre-defined PRM status variable managed
           by the PRM and exchanged cyclically. Its name is < PRM Master alias name>_IN,
          PRM Master alias name being the name of the DTM in the browser.

It has been found that this will not work.

In order to start the module, The 'Master_Sts' input must point to the 'PRM Master alias name>_inputs'.
variable which is created by the DTM.

To start the module, toggle the 'REQ_FSTS' input.


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