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What is error B400 on Lexium32 ?

Users of Lexium32 on CAN network may see "b400" on the display.
"b400" is not necessarily an error as much as it is an alert.

When b400 is seen on the display of Lexium32 on a CAN network this message is an indication that an NMT reset has occurred, 
NMT stands for Network Management 
Most PLC's have the ability to send reset message over the CAN network in an effort to regain communication with a node, or nodes, that have not responded to communication.
The message of b400 showing on the Lexium32 is simply an alert to indicate that a NMT reset has been received while the drive was in an operational state.

The PLC has sent the reset due to a device not responding, so please check all devices on the CAN network to make sure they are functional.

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