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How to calculate the onboard data log capacity in the PM5500 series meter

Customer would like an estimate on how many days/months worth of data the PM5500 will retain given the logged parameters and frequency.

Product Line:
PM5560 (METSEPM5560)
PM5563 (METSEPM5563)

Onboard logging

The maximum number of values PM556X can record is 14 parameters. The attached spreadsheet will automatically calculate the number of days the meter will log, based on the parameters and the frequency of logging. Select the parameters (individual dropdown menus) in the spreadsheet you would like to log on the meter. 

NOTE: The meters can be configured to Hold and Fill or Circular memory. If the meter is set to Circular memory, then the data log will begin over writing the oldest data entries and recording new values once the data log reaches maximum capacity. Hold and Fill will not over write any entries and will stop recording data once the data log is full.

See the attached spreadsheet for memory calculation.

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