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What is the M580 maximum number of DIO nodes communication's capability?

M580 Communication Capability
M580 maximum remote node connectivity
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M580 PLC
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For the M580 PLC, the max number of DIO is based on the CPU and can vary from number of 64 or 128 DIO.
The Max number of Devices is the same as the max number of requests capability. For example with a CPU that supports 128 DIO devices, a User can have 128 DIO devices each with one request or 64 DIO devices each with 2 requests or 32 DIO devices each with 4 requests.

For more DIO devices (aka more communication requests),  you can add additional BMENOC03xx modules.
The Maximum number of additional BMENOC03xx network modules is related to the CPU and can vary from 2 to 4.

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