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NOR0200 returns 'This point may make Binary_input discontinuity' error.

Goals and Symptoms
NOR0200 returns 'This point may make Binary_input discontinuity' error.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
If you try to add a point that is not in consecutive order, the following error will get returned.

This is just a warning to inform the user that the new point which was to the 'Data Mapping' web page was not added using a point number
that is in consecutive order.  This can be confirmed by exporting the configuration to a '.xml' file and viewing the file with Wordpad.  It will show
that the point numbers are not in consecutive order.  This does not have an impact on the functionality of the NOR0200 module. 

The pop-up warning can be ignored.

The following is extracted from the user manual:

To eliminate the error, use the following steps:
  • Export the configuration to a '.xml' file.
  • Downlaod the 'M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool'
  • Install the 'M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool'.
  • Open the '.xml' file with the 'M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool' (the points are automatically resorted in the consecutive order).
  • Save the xml file as a new file.
  • Imported the new configuration file into the NOR module.

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