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Does the M340 BMXNOE01x0 have FTP and HTTP Cyber Security feature ?

M340 BMXNOE01x0 Ethernet Security
M340 ability to disable the HTTP and FTP access on BMXNOE01x0
Product Line
M340 BMXNOE01x0
Unity 8.1
The M340 BMXNOE01x0 module with firmware release version 2.9 and installation in a Unity 8.1 program gives the user the ability to configure the module for FTP and HTTP Cyber Security capabilities. With this option added a user can prevent FTP/HTTP access to the BMXNOE01x0.
In addition the the reqiured module firmware version 2.9 or higher, FTP and HTTP Cyber Security feature requires Unity 8.1 PLC program.
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