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Video: How to view System Events in Vista

User wants to display specific system log event information in Vista

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Events in Vista

Global Event log viewer in Vista does not display information from the SystemLog Database

1. Launch Designer and open the Query Server (QUERYSERVER.<Computer Name>).

2. Open the folder QUERYServer.<Computer Name>

3. Drag and drop a new Query module.

4. Right click on the module to open the Module Setup and click Modify to edit the connection string. Change the Initial Catalog to ION_SystemLog.

5. Change the module name to SystemLog and Output Register if desired.

6. Click Ok to close the Module Setup. Save changes then close the node window and Designer.

7. Open Vista and open new diagram or edit an existing diagram.

8. Drag and drop a new Data Log Viewer.

9. Right click on the icon to open the Data Log Viewer Configuration.

10. Under the Query Server tab, select Custom Query Server and click the 'Edit Link" button.

11. Select the new Query Module created and click OK.

12. Under the Query tab, click the "Edit SQL..." button

13. In the notepad add the desired query to retrieve information from the system log.
For Example:
Select Timestamp as TimestampUTC, Description as Description
From Event
Where Description like '%user%'
Order By Timestamp DESC OPTION (FAST 50)

14. Save the query and click "Ok "close the Data Log Viewer Configuration.

15. Open the Datalog viewer and confirm the desired information is present.

Note: the timestamp displayed will be in UTC time zone.

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