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How to upload a pre configured CID/IID file to a MiCOM relay?

Cannot upload a pre configured CID/IID file to a MiCOM relay.

Product Line
MiCOM Relays

IEC61850 communications

MiCOM relays expects a MCL file for IEC61850 configuration settings. 

Unfortunately, a CID/IID file cannot be uploaded directly to a MiCOM relay. The CID/IID file needs to be converted into an MCL file before the configuration settings can be uploaded to the relay. 

This can be done by following the below steps:
1. Depending on the version of IEC61850 edition being used select the appropriate configurator from Tools.

2. Once the configurator is open, go to File--> Import SCL

3. Select the appropriate SCD/CID/IID file that needs to be converted. 

4. Open the SCD/CID/IID and then go to File--> Save.

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