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ADVC Recloser Controller showing no voltage reading from the external CVT

ADVC CAPE is show 0V readings for the external CVT

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Nulec ADVC Reclosers

The CAPE has not yet been calibrated.

*Warning: Installation and maintenance of this device should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. Failure to follow the instructions / warnings in the Meter Installation Guide can result in permanent damage to the meter, severe injury or death.  

This procedure shows how to calibrate External CVTs manually using WSOS5.

Before proceeding, make sure:
  • Data is valid
  • Phasing setting is set at ABC
  • Switchgear is closed
  • HV Voltage is live
  1. Open the correct switchgear file, go ON LINE:
  2. Open Maintenance- Calibration menu
    • ​​
  3.  In the following screen, click Import Data File to import the cal file that was supplied by us. Choose the correct one when asked.
    • ​​
  4. When cal file has been chosen, you Maintenance screen will be back. Click on Write Data to SCEM. Click Yes to confirm
    • ​​​​
  5. You can click No to ignore this:
    • ​​
  6. Click OK to confirm again
    • ​​
  7. WSOS will start write new cal file to SCEM. Do not interrupt or disconnect WSOS, nor switchgear connection, during this process
    • ​​
      1. You should have this after about 60s at the status bar(Green message) in the above screen
        • ​​
  8. Now that you should have voltage readings on the Load side (external CVTs side)- which used to be show “Unavailable”
    • ​​
  9. Go back to Maintenance- Calibration page to correct the voltage readings on External CVTs. You may see voltages on the External CVTs side showing differently from the other side. To correct those, just in turn:
– Click on the voltage value fields- after which will allow you to enter the correct voltage like this. Just enter the same voltage that you get on the other side of the same phase

  • Every time you enter a new voltage value WSOS will calculate and correct the voltage reading automatically and show the new reading in the field. You can do this as many time as you want until you are happy with the value(s) you finally get in the voltage reading fields in Calibration screen
  • Once you are happy with voltage readings. Click on “Write Data To SCEM” again (same as Step 7) to update new CVT calibration data to SCEM. Wait for the “Write” to finish.
  • Check voltage readings again on Measurement. You should see correct voltage reading now.
  • To make sure the new data has been saved in SCEM, power down the controller, wait 30s and power up again. The system should show all are ok, including voltage readings before you can close the procedure.
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