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Why sometimes after updated M258 FW from V3.1 to V4.1, all the LEDs are OFF?

The behaviuour is normal for File system migration (V2.0.31.30 and above) (
Please see release note for V2.0.31.30:
When updating M258 firmware with USB key,
· LEDs of controller might be temporary switched off.
· Do NOT power OFF PLC until “USB Host” LED is fixed green.
· Do NOT extract the USB key until “USB Host” LED is fixed green.
When “USB Host” LED is fixed green, you must extract the USB key to restart PLC.
1st case: PLC restarts normally
2nd case: PLC restarts with no LEDs; user should perform a second FW update with same
USB key.
During this second firmware update, LEDs can be OFF for some minutes, user should not power off
PLC until “USB Host” LED is fixed green.
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